My Firsts

My First trip abroad and my first snow! What a wonderful combo that is!

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Hailing from a country like Philippines where the average temperature never goes below 30-degrees Celsius, We only experience extreme heat, rain and wind but I still love the tropical climate. Winter was something totally I was excited about and that my dream of seeing a soft white quilt spread across the courtyard would finally happen.

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There is nothing more wonderous to me than experiencing the first snowfall of winter with the VIP’s of my life. It’s few of the things I consider truly special. I Love the snow covers the bare trees and flowers, the cleanness and the coooooldness.

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Experiencing new things for the first time.I was so excited that I constantly looked out of our window to see if the snow melts already.

I saw snow. I felt snow. I walked in it.It fell into my face. I laid on it.I played with it but I never slipped on it.

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As December grew on, the weather became quite changeable. The mornings would see bright sunshine and a chilly breeze.

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The snow experience outside the house, in Seoul, in Jisan Winter festival and in Everland has been an immense delight for me. I’m excited for my next winter experience!!! 🙂 xx ❄☃❄

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(This was posted on my FB account last 2013, re-posting this on my blog just to add contents on it)

Thanks for coming! xx