White right?

White right?

Sundays are the start of the week, and it’s essential to worship and sat down at God’s sanctuary being uplifted with his words of life. The most sacred service that can render to God is to be employed in praising his name. For me, going to mass or service is like delving through God’s treasury of goodness that is priceless.

Just sharing with you dearies some of the treasures I got from his treasury of goodness after the Mass before I get to share my OOTD to embellish some dessert to the main course.

Faith doesn’t need PLAN B. -Danae

Dearies, have you ever noticed when you are walking by faith, the voice of doubt always tells you to have a back up plan. to do something other than trusting God, just in case things don’t work out? Sometimes when you think about how great our God is it’s easy to think that He’s not concerned about what you need. You’ve started to worry sick that perhaps you will have to take matters into your own hands. That God can’t be bothered because He has much larger issues than yours. But faith is the assurance that even if it doesn’t work out the way you planned, God still works it all for your good. As you consider God’s greatness don’t forget forget his loving kindness.

He told you to cast his cares on him because he cares for you and whatever you’re going through. So keep calm knowing that in spite of what it looks like, God hears your prayers and is standing guard over your situation.

And stop stressing about needing a PLAN B, and just start believing in the good layout plan God has for you.So sit back knowing that you serve a big God that is all ears and eyes over every small detail of your life.

So here’s some dessert of the main course.

I love white, black, blush pink and grey. I think wearing these shades never goes wrong and its kinda safe being not too overwhelming. I am a bit minimalist and mostly, I want my look to be clean and complementing.  I wore white turtleneck sleeveless with of course my fitted ripped jeans and my fave white sandals.



I also adorned it with a classy v shaped accessory to look posh while making it just simple. I just bought my top at victoria boutique outlets in just Php 180. This denim is naturally plain jeans and since I am also experimental with my clothes, I shred it to add some artsy character and it turns our pretty well.


My fondness of primping up is already attached with me since young.



So, I think that’s all for now, will try to look for some jeans to be ripped off again maybe I try to tailor it with a lace next time.. what you think?

ah oh! by the way, what is your main course for today? Hope you delight yourself in such goodness.


Faithfully yours,

Danae Dacono