Taking it easy in Auckland , New Zealand

Taking it easy in Auckland , New Zealand

Kia Ora! After my replenishing hangover trip to the beauty of NZ’s southern island 6 months ago (I know very late post again hihi), I capped my trip to it’s capital city. Auckland!

Ensuing the experience from Queenstown’s simply breathtaking mountains and natural charmers, now I fancy to experience NZ’s metropolitan.

I daze over Auckland’s setting, it is an energetically diverse place, home to individuals from everywhere throughout the globe and in addition being home to the biggest Polynesian populace of any city in the globe.


Polynesian culture is the culture of the indigenous peoples of Polynesia who share common traits in language, customs and society.

I noticed that there are a LOT of nationalities settling in. This blend of societies has made a mark to the world, no wonder why Auckland frequently one on the top lists of the world’s most livable cities.

Just like in Australia where LIFE is a BEACH.. Aucklanders can pick between a modern urban way of life, like living in suburbia or moving a short separation to the wide open to live on a way of life piece surrounded by farmland and local shrubbery.

Cheltenham Beach (photo not mine)

I can envision living here where everybody lives inside 30 minutes of excellent shorelines and climbing trails ( I don’t climb) in twelve captivating islands including a radiant atmosphere, a foundation cadence of Polynesian culture and an energy for exceptional sustenance, wine (they have huge vineyards) and shopping. With that combo you’re already living an Aucklander life which can take you to two different worlds in just minutes.

Within Auckland itself, tourists have a wealth of different experiences to enjoy and I am one lucky tourist to connect with a Davaoena again. Natassja Victorio! 🙂

Tassja is a friend of my former workmate May Young. We aren’t friends in real life but we are friends in Facebook. Can you relate? Hehe We almost crossed paths while in Dvo before when May contacted my husbee to capture Iree’s 1st bday (2nd child of Tasj) but I was committed to something else.

I chatted her (see makapal talaga ako) and hope we could meet haha. Then I never have thought that I will find a very welcoming gesture.:D

See from my post..

She patiently drove me around Auckland’s metro, beating the red light, being kinda lost on the roads, having a couple of U-turns, paid a fortune on the parking lot, treated me lunch & dinner, took me great photos and accompanied me in a day. How can I be so lucky? And take note it’s our 1st time to meet each other, how much more if she’s your friend or even bestfriend! She is a friend you’ll ever want; and if she is already, keep her! 🙂 Again, Tassja THANK YOU JUD DAI! I will always remember how much you’ve spoilt me.

We went to viaduct Harbour, Westerns Spring, drove me to Auckland Museum, visited The Domain and went to Mission Bay for dinner and send me back to my place.

2nd day, I was all by myself.

I head over to Devonport to experience the charming sea side village.

Had enticing brunch at the Dixie Browns.

It’s only around 12 minutes across the harbour from Auckland city. Devonport is vivid, enthusiastic community, settled between a volcanic cone, Takarunga, and the shining Waitemata harbor.

After a calm hiatus, I was pep up to get back into the big city and explore. I rode a bus and check out some uncrowded spots to take picture on and then moved along as my legs brought me to Sky Tower.

Auckland’s Sky Tower stands 220 meters high above street level. Panoramic 360˚ views up to 80 kilometres in every direction. Spotted some key landmarks, volcanoes and other historical locations within the greater Auckland area.


From all the walking and hopping. I was on an empty stomach. I desired to delve in a buffet, Korean buffet specifically. So, I searched a nearby place to fill my starved self. Lucky, I found one! Just 10 minutes walk.

At $25 I was making a pig of myself.

After I had a feast, I think I was done for the day as I felt spent and jaded but it was a productive day and I’m proud of myself. Lol

Day 3 was supposedly a trip to Rotorua but I have anxiety to take long hrs of travel by land as I didn’t recovered yet from a jam-packed of activities from my Queenstown trip, so I decided to have a look at touristy places in the Auckland Metro.

Went to Cornwall park and I caught myself walking for 30 minutes to be in the place. When I arrived at the park, I didn’t have an idea that it will be a long stretch of walking again to see the statue, so I didn’t bother.

I went to their nostalgically relaxing cafe which reminds me of my fave Sunshine Coast.

I devour over my meal and then again, was juiced up to go for a mile. lol..

I saw a herd, and was just relaxing over my view. I remember a Dear Friend told me about a word “Sheeple”

So I have this musing..

Sheeple, as they might be called, are generally common people who’ve adjusted especially well to the workforce/consumer/submissiveness preparation plan. They’ve been instructed to be submissive, silly and effortlessly led. They’re especially sharp at following standard stories and adjusting to oblivious obedience and gathering practices.

Awareness of this is sufficient to bring an end to the habit of mental slavery and uncover a more honest point of view on life and the routes in which the dehumanized frameworks in our reality are sorted out against us. It takes one to know one, and in the wake of awakening from contemporary awareness, our reality looks much uniquely in contrast to it and it’s anything but difficult to see Sheeple for what they are. Besides, it’s less demanding to act naturally and not simply one of the herd.  Lesson: We always can’t rely on TV News 100% and any social medium. Also, there was a saying that goes ” Once you are awake, it’s hard to go back being a Sheep”. LOL


Back to the story…

Later on, I walked back again for 30 mins to catch the bus at the stop going back to the city.

I felt dizzy, I was supposed to see Parnell village but I think it was too late. So I took a rest on my place.

Day 4 is going back home. Yay!

Took a bus ride to the airport and waited for hrs for my flight.

I thank God for the opportunity to see places.

Grateful to settle in the heart of Auckland in days. I am not yet ready to say goodbye to a city which has a casual beach front living vibe by day and an evening vitality by night shared by the internal city rural areas that surrounds it; I was inspired. To live a life full of stories of different places, culture and way of life.

I can’t wait to wake up one morning to a place that I would never have say goodbye to.. with my husbee..

Fingers crossed..


Much love,


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