A Staggering Beauty | Queenstown, New Zealand

A Staggering Beauty | Queenstown, New Zealand

My whispered prayer was answered

When my 2nd work commitment in Australia was accomplished I thought about crossing-over to straya’s kiwi neighborhood.

Fearful, hesitating and fidgety. Should I?

After a such deep-thought and searching high heaven for answers; Beyond any doubt I’m coming New Zealand!  Searched flights, booked tickets, accommodations and places to go..CHECKED! Outfits? Oh another dime baby…

Self-doubting: traveling solo might be lonely.. Self-reassuring: traveling alone might be the single best gift I could give to myself.

Clock is ticking and it’s time to go.. I worry that I maybe bored and lonely. Then quietly whispered my prayers that I may found great friends to travelled with (I’m expecting foreigners) and that I may enjoy every bit of my time in Queenstown.

When my plane landed and stood by the immigration lane.. my whispered prayer was answered..

A pretty girl approached me asking me what’s the difference between the two lanes then I answered her in English and I asked her are you pinay?  She asked me the same Then we said yes, ( I was happy) but finding out we’re both Davaoenea makes me happier! I found a new friend Je Abina from Davao City Philippines!! 😀

My thick-skinned got the best of me and was asking her if I could tag along with her and her friends. Luckily, she didn’t say no and the rest was history. Jen introduced me to her Hubby John and John’s very supportive friends Warren and her beautiful wife Kim. (My whispered prayer were answered.. ) When I saw Kim from afar, she was very familiar.. then I realized we went to the same high-school together and that’s why I recognize her pretty face (basta gwapa lol).

It was freaking cold cos it was snowing and they comforted us with coats and gloves and rode us to dinner. Oh Lord, their kindness and hospitality warmed my heart in such a very cold weather.

We made chika and were very happy getting to know each other. We went to dinner and had a feast. How lucky could I get? It was John’s welcome treat to her wife Jen.

After Dinner, we went strolling down the town and cracked jokes. Oh happy times that I forget to pursue to my accommodation but instead asked John If I could stay on their place instead ( Kapalan na eto ng pagmumukha bes). Didn’t get no again for an answer and was very happy.. I made/ HAVE FRIENDS.. family.. 😀

Day after, it was Sunday and we all went to church.

Oh I was really grateful to have a family in the form of newly acquainted friends in Queenstown. We had an amazing lunch at Milbrooks and enjoyed every bit of it’s divineness.

Fine points about Queenstown. Queenstown sits on the shore of perfectly clear Lake Wakatipu among emotional snow capped extents; it’s supposed that gold miners – charmed by the great magnificence of the encompassing mountains and waterways – gave this now cosmopolitan town its name. Yes, a town placed in a magnificent lake it is! Can you imagine?

With a buffet of open air adventures, Queenstown is the home of a great outdoor experience bucket list. There’s skiing in the winter and exercises, for example, bungy bouncing, such as bungy jumping, sky diving, canyon swinging, jet boating, horse trekking and river rafting all year round. (I am not very optimistic about adventures like this not saying I’m boring but the extreme natural beauty of Queenstown is enough for me to marvel with).

What also fascinates me was, It has additionally turned into an eminent cycling destination. Giving everything from simple scenic tracks to country feels, street rides to heli-biking and the Southern Hemisphere’s only gondola got to downhill mountain biking. (So tempted to try but it’s too cold but anyway)

They took me a journey into the past when we visit the living historic settlement of Arrowtown. Was a short but sweet stroll through its iconic sites.

We went shopping and settle for dinner and wine night at Warren and Kim’s amazing place with a view.

Had beauty and the beast movie night. Haven’t got the time to watch this movie but really want to when I was still in straya, there’s really a perfect time for everything.

Again, my prayers were answered..

Monday has come and I tag Je along with me in my Onsen Hot pool experience.

Was ecstatic to experience my 1st onsen hot pool with a great with such breathtaking view. We were served with white wine and chocolates. Perfectly perched through the mountains taking relaxation into the summit on a very perfect weather.

When I dipped my feet in your goodness your warmth of love soaked my entire shaking body into a peaceful state of wonder. Thank you Lord!

Tuesday went by and it’s time to pack up and get ready for Milford. I really woke up early, drove by Kuya to town where I’ll meet my tour bus. Leave Queenstown at a convenient departure time, and head around the scenic shores of Lake Wakatipu. At Te Anau, the dramatic landscapes of Fiordland National Park begin to take over. Sit back on a comfy air-conditioned coach, and gaze out at the ever-changing scenery. With a front-facing camera on the coach, I didn’t miss out on any of the views.

We took regular breaks for short nature strolls and photo opportunities of memorable vistas. Accompanied by specialist nature guides, you are in capable hands! We started by finding out about the historical backdrop of the region as we venture to every part of the length of the fjord.


It  allowed us to get up close to the countryside that we might otherwise have missed.

Boarded our boat and took off onto flawless waters, with sheers precipices ascending from the shores, encompassed by glacier-capped peaks. You can feel the splash from the falling waterfalls, look up at the lavish, verdant slopes secured with local trees as you journey near the edge. As well as a diversity of local flora, there’s also a variety of animals. Keep your eyes on the waves for glimpses of playful dolphins, bobbing seals, and even elusive diving penguins. This time we saw some dolphins and seals.

As we submerged in breathtaking magnificence, I started feeling the genuine greatness of this superb natural haven. Thank you Lord. Journeyed back to Queenstown it was a long day of land travel I guess 13 hrs to and from although it is quite excruciating, my soul was refreshed and invigorated from the nature cruise.

Not just that, when heading back home, I have to walk from the bus stop down at my friends place. heavy-downpour welcomed me. I was soaked up wet in a freakin cold winter night. I was running and searching for a place to shed myself. I was LOST in the other street. I found a car, starting to park on the garage and went on it. I was intending to ask the chinese girl to let me shed on their garage for awhile, while the rain is pouring hard. She looked at me out of pity and spare me mercy when she gushed: I will drive you at your place. She is Godsend! Another whispered prayer were answered.

The Next Morning.. I made a reservation to the Skyline Restaurant Bar, The Stratosfare.

No restaurant in Queenstown can rival Stratosfare for views; see it with your own eyes with an memorable dining experience in a cliff. Take a ride up the Skyline Gondola to the summit of Bob’s Peak, and indulge into it’s variety of international cuisine. We came for lunch and had a simple banquet celebration. Other Davao Inc Friend has work an while John and Je was the ones available.

Was thrilled riding the cable car and how far and steep the restaurant is. The Skyline Gondola winds up the slope, far from Queenstown. As the steepest gondola in the Southern Hemisphere, the ride up is an experience itself. Overviewing the city underneath..settled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu and encompassed by verdant slopes and rough pinnacles.

As you are dinning in the Stratosfare , take note of the layered plan of the lounge area, which implies that you can simply welcome the view—wherever you happen to sit. ( in this time, the weather was gloomy, can’t see anything but fog yet figuring out of how scenic it would be if it’s sunny). The menu is a festival of universal food. Our delightful lunch is expertly arranged with New Zealand elements of nearby meat, crisply got fish and shellfish, and occasional vegetables. Appetite satisfied.


As I look back I was a bit emotional of how God has designed this trip for me. He gave me an ultimate experience which exceeded my prayers and expectations. I was fearful of the unknown as I was gonna travel alone.

But He didn’t let go of my hand and handed me down to the best people from my hometown that speaks the same language..of FUN and SUPPORT 🙂

How Lovely is your dwelling place Oh Lord, My soul longs and even faints for you! One thing I would ask and I would seek to see your beauty and to find you in the place your glory dwells.


I found you up in the mountains when you water my eyes with your glory and when I land into your slice of paradise, I found your loving presence. Never did I imagine a blessing awaits me in the form of new friends and new amazing experience.  (Video will Follow)


Indeed, my whispered prayers were answered. The next time, I’ll shout it out!


Love from your prayer whisperer,


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  • September 15, 2017 at 6:54 am

    I am glad to meet you here, read your article can give me a lot of inspiration, hope in the back can see you published other articles.

  • September 15, 2017 at 6:55 am

    I am glad to meet you here, read your article can give me a lot of inspiration, hope in the back can see you published other articles.

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