My Queenstown, New Zealand Junket | VLOG

Encompassed by the sky-high indigo statures of the Remarkables and surrounded by the wandering inlets of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown is a stunner! Resembling a residential area, however showing the vitality of a little city, it wears its ‘Worldwide Adventure Capital’ badge gladly.

However while some are into the hype of fun and excitement, most guests set aside the opportunity to do insane things that they’ve never done… Just like me, yeah!  ( I’m glad I’m kinda KJ now, guess that’s one hint of aging lol) Nobody’s at any point went to and stated, ‘I’m exhausted’.

At that point there’s the other Queenstown. The one with the cosmopolitan vibe mixed with breathtaking scenery and astounding vineyards. I may miss the thrill of doing the jumping on the cliff or out of a plane, missed the crazy shotover white water jet ride but I totally felt pure joy setting aside the opportunity to back off and encounter Queenstown without the adrenaline.

I am grateful I was able to submerge myself in one of NZ’s most resplendent place.

Here’s a compilation of my Trip Dearies! 😉 xx Have a great day!     ( P.S Forgive my shaky video lol)



Love and light,