New Year’s Escape| La Isla Bonita, Talicud Island

New Year’s Escape| La Isla Bonita, Talicud Island

Feeling that holiday sensation, I was all thinking about the beach. Surigao was on the list. But I am hesitant of the long hefty land travel. Til I forgot about the pursuit… of the beach.

Holidays draw me forth for a local adventure that would recreate a memorable experience.

Yes, I know Samal Island was just on the other end and just minutes away, but it seemed too familiar to me already.

New Year’s eve was all simple, nothing but blowing horns, smashing aluminum (metal roofing), booming motor riding, spiritless street party, karaoke til dawn and a little on the booze. That’s the reason we got up late because of hang-over.

So do you think the pursuit of a perfect holiday escapade seem farfetched?

Waking up to a new year, I was keyed up like a well-oiled machine that is driven to have some adventure.

I suggested to my husbee that how bout we take off to somewhere for an adventure, smell the sea, have some quiet time, smell some fresh air and just to hang loose and enjoy the holidays. So I proposed, what if we could jump off the next boat going to Talicud Island and see where the fate takes us. He then agreed and we then prepared.

The initial plan was to head-over Dayang Beach. I heard good things about this beach and absolutely wants to see it for myself. So as soon as we arrived in Sta.Ana Wharf 12:30pm, the boat going to Dayang was hollow, unfilled and there’s not even a single passenger on it. However, boat going to Isla Reta was almost filled and we don’t have a choice.

I haven’t been to Isla Reta so why not? After almost 30 minutes of waiting for the volume of passengers to fill the boat, finally we are moving. It takes 45 minutes to get into the Island.

Finally.. we docked at Isla Reta.

And Oh my, the Island is on full-swing or should I say full-swim? If there’s such thing.. ha ha, So we asked someone how to get to Dayang, thank God! We found our way. We exited the gate of Isla Reta and to my surprise, motorcycle drivers (habal2x) clustered in selling their services to tourists. So we found JR, and hopped in. It was my 2nd time riding habal2 and oh man! It was both fun and thrilling. We went on rough roads and even hiked on the uphill portion because I won’t take a risk.. no way.

We stop over the famous balete tree while JR went to fill up his motorcycle tank.

When we’re on the way, JR told us that going to Dayang was sort of delicate because of the narrow difficult roads to battle into and the beach is wavy which we can’t fully enjoy the swim and considering the idea that they don’t cater food services, that leaves us a bit of hesitant.

So he introduced La Isla Bonita which I also have heard before and which I plan to check out when I searched for new beaches in Samal. So we agreed to settle there, considering the fact that we might stay overnight because it’s late to just go on a day tour and we can’t enjoy the place.

So we are almost there! Down the hill, the simple charm of the Island sparked an overwhelming sense of feel-good endorphins. I can’t explain.. basta it was a lovely feeling… kilig!

So we gave JR Php200 for the ride. Yes, it was so cheap. And he planned to pick us up day after to catch the boat going to Davao.

I fell in love with the simple beauty of the Island. The water is still, clear, the sand is sandy white, fresh air, palm trees, ocean breeze, sound of the waves, the chirping of the birds (we saw 2 crows) and it was a different amicable scenery. OH! Life is better at the Island.

It was like we are having a New Year’s retreat. No phone signal, no internet connection to bother and in fact no means of entertainment such as TV. Everyone should take some time to unplug and reconnect in the real natural world. It was a perfect day unplugged.

I feel connected to life again and was reminded how simple life should be. I saw the settlers and their houses was only built on small kamalig (bahay kubo). I was moved by the way a family make for a living. They split the coconut shell and peel off the coir (coconut husk) to be ready for charcoal making. I imagine what if storm rage in the future? Are their houses strong enough to weather it? Nonetheless, they were happy sharing a cup of coffee to their parents while at work. Little things matters. Little things are BIG.

Day after we had a simple breakfast by the beach. (No photos, I was hungry)

I hesitate to get soaked in the sun and sea because of these reasons.

  1. I haven’t packed for an extra bra (didn’t expect that we will be having an overnight stay)
  2. I didn’t bring a sun protection lotion
  3. My shorts were already wet for the 1st day swim
  4. I didn’t have decent swimmers
  5. It is way too hot

But those reasons were shut off because the water is too inviting and it was really calling me.. so I don’t care anymore..

Too glad I did! It was very satisfying! It completed my whole stay.

The only thing I didn’t like about the resort was, the fact that they are using sea water in the bathroom. I understand that maybe they are trying to conserve water and the bills of course but after taking a shower, I felt I just bathe myself again with sea water but not in the sea rather in the sea-R ha ha ha, how’s that sound. My skin felt dry and itchy. Felt uncomfortable.

The overnight stay is just worth Php 1500 only. However the foods are kinda pricey but we don’t mind as long as we can have a decent meal. The servings was also big and the food taste just right.

The ride back to the dock port was very challenging too. We crossed some rough and cramped roads but even so I enjoy the ride.

We didn’t ride with JR anymore cos it might be risky going back but still we gave him the pay. Instead, we took the Resort car service and that’s way better.

The whole experience was replenishing. I was brought back to some realizations that tend to be forgotten because most of us including myself, are all beaten up by the wicked web, draining careers, endless responsibilities and nonsensical priorities.

Many times, it is the little things that can make a big difference. It is the simple lives that can truly count.

And it is the small deeds done with great love that can change the world. -Mother Teresa

So from there, I would like to borrow a great quote from our childhood cutie that says:

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts” -Winnie the Pooh

The strength to be grateful on the small things can upgrade our life in a big way. There is reason to celebrate and be grateful every day with just a slight shift in perspective.

Simple things reconnects us to the one the gave us LIFE – Djoyfulheart

Just as each day has its joys, each day also has its struggles. When our lives are missing gratitude for the small things, these struggles can hit us strong.

Djoyfulheart was then reminded again to rejoice with the tiniest of things and to be pliant with trials.

What are the simple things you are grateful for today? Cherish it!



Enjoy the small things,

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