My Girlaloves

My Girlaloves

Roses are red and violets are blue, friends are flowers that takes away your blue… So you made it here Dearies, thanks for following my recent post Blissful day with my Girlaloves..

So, Let me introduce you in a brief the beautiful flower circle I have.

Lovely– Absolutely this girlalove of mine speaks more than her name. She is not just lovely but the loveliest. We call each other “best”, actually we are all best of friends. She was the one who open herself to me and wrote me a sweet letter before that she wanted to be my friend and after that we became close and dear to each other. She speaks class without such effort. She is just so sweet, effortlessly angelic and her angelic facade complements her beautiful big heart! I love you best!! a.k.a Solenn



Cristal– Who’s this girl next door who can sure as hell swept you off your feet with her charismatic beauty? She is a natural celebrity that’s why she is seen on TV variety show KWK (Kapamilya Winner Ka) before who showcases her bombastic moves. We are acquainted before she joins DLPC Procserv because she is one of the closest friends of my close friend named Angelie and we became close friends too. Amazing right? This beauty always share her views in detail and always give her piece of mind about certain circumstance. She has a good and comforting heart that’s why she can easily make friends with. I love you tala baby!! a.k.a Anne Curtis



Kookie– Look at that stunningly exquisite lady who always wear her imaginary crown on her head! A beauty queen indeed with a celebrity appeal. Her wit is rational and her humour is canny! The room will be filled with her thoughts of interests and share’s story that we will always laugh about. She has this OC persona and I can imagine how organize her room is. This beauty queen is a down-to- earth gal with a sort of standards. We became friends when she was always on my back observing me while working on Procserv before, that’s why this girl is a go-getter when it comes to work. ha ha. I love you girl!


Angelie– No doubt this chinita beauty is a star to many! She really deserves to be an Asian Star! She possess the qualities of being a Sassy girl or a leading lady in a Korean drama. She is one of my college best friends which I can always turn to and we can always have fun on everything. This Kpop beauty is also not afraid to speak her mind, actually we always reason out with each other and they think that we are fighting but we’re not. We just love to agree to disagree. She is a crush ng campus and crush ng office! This girl also loves to joke around and her stories can make your imagination go wild. I love you girl!

Mariel- Oh my God! (insert amazing expressions here), When this fair and sexy alluring gal walks around surely you’ll catch guys with their jaw dropped! Also, I noticed girls who raises their eyebrows on her, cos she is just so damn pretty and sexy! This magnificent gal deserves to be a print ad model of either whitening products, brand of liquor or in FHM. She is my first friend in procserv. We are interviewed the same day and she is great to be with. She is also sweet and generous! I always love how she takes care of herself. I love you girl!!


Irene- There is so much beyond this pretty face! Fab, Fair and Fresh!! Her beauty is like those Miss Chinatown candidates with so much class and substance. Her taste of style is different! She has this personal style who can stun everyone admiring her looks. Simply beautiful as what you can always say. I admire the hardwork of this girl, the love for her family and kids. I can’t imagine how she remains so sexy and beautiful having three adorable kids. We became best of friends because we always go have lunch and share lunch together, she always ask me about how’s my relationship going on and give me advices. She trusted me and I can truly say that she is a reliable friend who never lets you down. I love you best!! See you soonest!




Roses are red and violets are blue, Friends come and go but those who remains are true.  Dearies, I love to hear about your different flower circle too and just one thing.. A flower does not think of competing to a flower next to her. They bloom together. xOXo


Keep Blooming,

Danae xღ