My Expression of Love (Birthday 2015)

My Expression of Love (Birthday 2015)

God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. -Gen 2:7 

God gave us the precious gift of life and in us lies the call to give our-self and to others a life well-lived.

Imagine, you are the one who crowned victor and made it through the millions of sperm from your parents! You are the greatest blessing, You are greatly Loved and that’s a miracle of life! Why am I saying this? You know me Dearies, kinda mushy ha he ha.. just by the thought of it, Birthdays are reminders how God formed us and there is a beautiful reason behind the beautiful birth of ourselves. Celebrating birthdays each year, It leads me to a beautiful goal of being a bearer of light to someone else life. You think I’m making an impression but you try to do it and you’ll experience another level of self-fulfillment.  Doing such hearty ways for me is the great investment spiritually and emotionally.

Birthdays makes me mull over the life I have lived in the past, I tend to evaluate the negatives and assess it to produce more positive. So every birthday, I take assessment of the subject “Personal Development”  and “Spiritual Development” in the light of Christ inside me. Birthday’s got me to worship my God of grace and love for all the providence and blessings.

How blessed I am to have a very supportive loving family, greatest husbee, satisfying career and loving relatives and friends. Joyful enough that whatever circumstance it may be, I know God is shifting things in my favor.

So too much hearts and flowers, I wanna share my last year’s birthday and how a simple gathering with the special group of kids in our neighbourhood makes it grand in the heart.

Midnight surprise from Engr. Hunky husbee and WonderMom




To sum my Meaningful Birthday last year: Here goes a slideshow of excitement and laughter with them:

Akala nila SILA ang napasaya ko pero ang totoo AKO ang napasaya nila. ( They thought I was the one making them happy, but deep in my heart they have made me the happiest) Yesterday, was not all about Me but THEM. It has been a reality to me that when you are concern on others you are less likely to become consumed with your own worry. Every encounter I always asked them if they already had their meal of the day.. but sad to hear that the often answer is NO. Mostly, these kids at their young age alreadly know how to work for money but they have to compromise their school in exchange for daily sustenance. That’s a sad case for some who’s a product of broken family and for some opt to help their parents to provide for their big family. As I am distributing the food, I was touched cos all of them asked me not one but two or more pack for their mama, papa or ate and kuya. “Ate yen duha ako te ihatag nko skong ate, para kay_ te, tagaan nko si_ og para panihapon te. Oh.. (kabuotan na mga bata)

But the Joy is priceless.. What I got in return? I reap the joy of seeing bright smiles, laughter, excitement, childlike love and cheer, fun and my search for inner hapiness led me towards gratitude. It humbles me so much and it’s self-rewarding. A meaningful birthday it is! #GlorytoGod #SingPraise #BestBday #Joyfulheart #GiveLoveGetLove


You are Loved,

Danae Dacono