A Lovely Day at Central Coast

A Lovely Day at Central Coast

Crossing over the expanse of between Sydney and Newcastle, lies a peaceful yet picturesque region that starts at the mouth of the Hawkesbury River yet bridges all throughout the end of Lake Macquarie is the lovely Central Coast.

Visited the place where we have to accompany a friend of ours on her work job here in central coast and it was a complete serene place with a number of delightful villages, as well as charming combination of beaches, bays, lakes, inlets and Hinterland areas.

Coming from the bustling Sydney, central coast was a breather. It is also a home to a number of picturesque towns and villages such ab Avoca beach, Ettalong beach, The Entrance and Terrigal.

We wandered and stopped by at the terrigal, gazing the vast arresting view of the Terrigal beach.

Here you can rest and relax through it’s lovely summery atmosphere in the midst of spring season. Aussie’s sure know how to have holiday’s because everyone in here is beach ready and excited to surf. I noticed. there’s a bunch of family having recreational moments with their children and just having a good time with a barbie and beer of course. Cheers darlen!

Just right beside the Terrigal beach is the Haven. It was really a haven to the eyes. The place was vast and the lawn was beautifully manicured and the trees where rightly pruned. In here, picnics are the most ideal, playing with your dogs, chillin with friends and just pure relaxing or reading with your fave books will give you a taste of much needed break.

In the area where terrible beach lies, is a stretch of hike along the rocky small cliffs by the bay. It is called The Skillion. It also has an amazing lookout of the vast photographic ocean and I witness it’s beauty. Oceans really are captivating and it reminds me how big and powerful our God is.

While spending time with nature, feeling the rivers, breezy ocean air, mountains, splash of the ocean, babbling creeks I feel much happier and there’s so much joy within me. There is indeed a wilderness theraphy or nature-based theraphy you can find withiin yourself.

You remember who you truly are and you feel that this is the world you evolve in. In a laidback vibe, you feel so comfortable about your own skin and find your own peace and quiet, strength, gratitude and glorification. The noise of social norms are irrelevant for a time and you feel fully re-charged.

We also visited the lovely pearl beach. The sand was orange-gy and again it was picturesque and the phone won’t do the justice.

I was really refreshed and renewed when I visited Terrigal. It brings so much of a mental and emotional therapy within me. It brings me closer to my own spirit and to the spirit of God who created the whole nature being.

So Dearies, whenever you are and what season and emotion are you in. Make sure to recollect yourself with Nature and find back your putting and inspiring spirit that is fleeting. I assure you guidance and wisdom is waiting for you.


Love from DWanderwoman,