Lady in Blue

Lady in Blue

The sun is up, the clouds are smiling, the sky is blue it’s beautiful and so are you..

Feeling blue? Freshen up dearies. Try painting yourself a different color, it’s time to have a great day!

Been awhile since my last post, I am having a full plate of responsibilities to concentrate on and have no enough time to edit the contents of my drafts. Like this one, it was scheduled to be posted last May but I just passed over it. Know what Dearies,  this has been an expected dilemma for every blogger like me: You have to persevere and have relations with your blogger self and remind her that you have a big shoes to fill in the virtual world. Hmm, too much virtuality grindstone for me. I missed going out already. LAUGHS!

ANYWAY…. I just want to share that…

Last March 30 is no ordinary well, I mean everyday is great but this day is quite special for me because I have to escort my mother for her 30th service awarding. Oh yes! 30th.. Her service is older than my age, something to be very proud of.

As much as I want to detail here how much I am grateful and proud  of her, let me just share you my post tribute on social media.

2 days before the event I really have no idea what to wear. Glad that I found my dress which is a formal type that’ s really perfect for the event. It was my first time to wore it, I usually buy clothes I like even if I don’t get to use it immediately. I am the type who shop in advance for some unknown events in the future. BUT with practicality, I think of it twice before I will purchase such.

I love this dress, it a body hugger… HAHA.. I mean it reveals some curves.. which I really like and it’s formal yet complementing. I jazz it with my necklace, pearl earings, and I curled my hair and put some make up on..

It was quite a surprise when i noticed that I am all girly blue. I mean from my dress. there’s a hue of blue, my nails and my shoes!  Here’s to more blue..


Blue is also describe as a feeling and there are really times that we feel blue deep inside and wonder what God is doing in our lives. Truth be told on:

Matthew 14:31

31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”

It tells us that when we are walking by faith even the smallest changes can have the greatest impact..

Let me share with you a precious piece of wisdom I learned as a woman who constantly desires to deepen her walk with God and about how God works like magic..

Back on the story:

Sometimes we can become unessentially overwhelmed simply because we think that walking by faith requires giant leaps forward. That exceeding and abundant blessings are only reserved for people who do big and mighty things for the Kingdom. People who lives to only please God and who are perfect.

We also waste time wondering if we can ever conquer bad habits, if we can ever make the change necessary to accomplish our goals and yet stay devoted. All we see are stumbling block and trying to become better just seems like too much to take on. Our best life is starting to look like a day dream and meaningful improvement feels slow.. (You feel it sometimes Dearies? that’s normal esp when ALL the things aren’t in your favor).

But now we realize that God has already ordered our steps, and we can literally take things one day at a time. That no one is perfect but we are perfectly loved by him. That, it’s not about how we sing loudly on worship songs in the church and who attend mass without a miss, and that it’s not about who reads bible frequently enough yet still hasn’t changed it’s ways BUT it’s about having an UNSHAKABLE FAITH when things are shaking like mad.

We remember that the walls don’t come down the first time but if we just keep trusting and taking small steps toward our promise even the greatest obstacles will come down. I’m saying here that no matter how perfect we are to try to please him, we aren’t are no exception of his TESTS. He does it every time because HE wants us to live inlove with his ways and wisdom.

So have #Djoyfulheart Dearies  knowing that our faith walk isn’t about how big our steps are or because we do big and play big time BUT its about how great our God is.

OOTD Details:

Blue Dress: F21

Shoes: Celine

Bag: Mama’s Bag (I just carried it)


Don’t ever feel blue because God is faithful and Life is beautiful as you.




Your Faithful Lady in Blue,