Everland Resort, South Korea 2013

I’m all juiced up and agitated to experience Everland. True that law of attraction is in action! exceeds more than my expectations!

My fancy dreams as a child became a reality in a day.It was known as the Land of Year-Round Festivals! Everland is divided into five sections: American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, Zoo Topia and Roller Coasters, in addition to the Global Fair. A place where splendid and delightful music is played along streets lined with outstanding architectural features from various countries in the world where East meets West. It is one of four major theme parks in the world.


Went to Caribbean Bay, saw a vast water park equipped with multiple attractions and health facilities. shaped like the pristine beaches of the Caribbean and adorned with Spanish-styled stone construction, palm trees, tropical plants, and a shipwreck, an ambience of a real tropical vacation without leaving the country. My first time to experience cable car ride going to other side of the park. Tried it twice. We waited for the White Christmas parade! It was the best winter event, bringing joy and enjoyment to all with even more fantastic characters and more beautiful Christmas carols! Took heart-pounding rides, whooa i died in a moment..

We took off the jungle in search of hidden pleasure and fun! The thrilling ride and cool splash of water along 580 meter long path adds more zest to our adventure.

Danae Dacono


Amazed to see bears who chased our bus begging for food. They can stand! They even know how to bow if told “Anyonghaseyo” Really offers visitors the rare chance to meet a wide variety of animals at a close distance.

It’S Dance Time!! We danced to a Christmas Wish program to welcome the night with snowflakes falling all jolly, entertaining, jubilant and merry.

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Here comes the Moon light Magic Parade! Grandiose flowers of lights bloom under the moon light when the street lights are turned off. Such a heart-stirring moment for us. features ten floats decorated with hundreds of thousands of colorful lights brightens the night sky of Everland as the music lyrics lingers in my thoughts forever.


Other extravagant experience was the Romantic Magic Garden, pleased our very eyes with the temple stage Christmas trees with colors glowing everywhere. The fun never stops as the Rose Castle Music Lighting Showcases millions of roses that bloomed from spring to autumn more fragrant flowers of lights than the roses this winter. Finally, to end our magic fantasy! We witnessed the longest, the best and the most fantastic fireworks in our entire life as Magic in the sky blast the night. Special multimedia effects, snow machines and lasers combine with ultra-large fireworks for a magical event. It signals the climax of the Christmas Fantasy Festival.


It was such a PERFECT DAY! Everland is huge so a day isnt enough to explore the park. One reason for me to come back. Thank you Oppa!! (This post was posted on my fb last 2013, posting it again here just to add contents)