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Enough of getting paid to write about a particular topic that I am not credited as the author! Enough of the asking, do you have some samples of your writing? Enough of me tasking to maintain and optimized a website that is not mine and enough of being said by friends that I should blog.. Okay, enough of that.

As a Virtual worker for 5 years now and on this context, I want not to work for someone virtually but to work for myself establishing a virtual presence that somehow inspires the audience. I considered writing as my on and off affair. I am not a pro, nor an English expert but writing is an art, which makes us credible being an author of our own life stories. In my high school years, writing was almost a passion but my flame is more fanned with performing. I used to join dance competition during DACS, Intrams and the like. I am always transparent on stage than on the journal. However, as a yearbook staff member I begin to write. Then, my reconnection with writing press on! It was College that writing courted me. I find it fun being with people having all one’s marbles and document every school’s activities. So I said yes! I love the impression I get whenever my schoolmates tease me that my name was on the quarterly release journal. But I can’t perform magic anymore with writing when commitments and top priorities happen, not long enough.. I called it quits. Well, sorry.. enough of my EX. Lol

So why am I blogging now? WHY NOT? These are the reasons why and I look forward to discover more reasons

  • I want to create a digital personal journal for myself that serves as a timeline of my thoughts, events and memories. I see it as a favorable means of being heard even if they don’t give you a voice. I see blogging can open our eyes to have an eagle-eyed on the smallest details that what makes life, LIFE. I want to track my scope’s growth and define those changes and make it meaningful.
  • It’s an online resume for me! (Although I have _ jobs atm) when I look for one in the future or if they happen to ask about my online portfolio, I have something to show them.
  • It’s a new hiring advantage (For a virtual worker like me). As for my bosses, candidates who blogs has a higher percentage of being employed. Make sense though, if I’m the boss too and I want to hire for certain positions, I want to know who they are and what they are about. It’s a way of showing why they should be a part of my business and why they should be on my team. Blogging will give you this opportunity.
  • I find blogging as a platform of promotion/recommendation. Let’s admit it! We all love to recommend something may it be a service, a product, a shop, a resto, a brand or whatever we have found amazing, practical, purposeful, satisfactory or enjoyable. Our joyful heart is beaming or there isn’t fullness of joy until we have shared that joy with others. Blogging is a great way to do this.
  • I want to share God’s gentle touch of wisdom through my heart and how that gentleness outlived a heart of apathy to a joyful heart. I want to dedicate every “DGodfident” article to you dearies and tell you how God’s presence enlightened me and those of you who long to deepen their walk with him. As I walked with him slowly, I enjoy every rocky roads and detours. As John 8:12 says (I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” So does Henry Ford “Those who walk with God, always reach their destination.”
  • I want to showcase my Engr. Hunky Husbee’s now dash photographer, photography skills. I am beyond blessed having a very talented man in my life to excel in every endavour he is doing! He is the Dark Knight behind my every wonderful capture who brings light to my images.
  • I’m no authority and shy to do this but I’ll try to post an OOTD’S that’s particularly my taste of trend.
  • I want to turn my thoughts to being thoughtful. True that we should never suppressed a generous thought. Insights are a dime a dozen. When its all in the head comes lofty and some high-flown you know its time to note it. Notice, when you write about something, it will lead you to a more ideas rather than just talking about it. So I will never let my inspired thought come to waste.
  • I want to establish a PR tool as if like I am working on my own project or business. The work experience I got from SPR inspires me to be creative and yield humble yet sensible exposure to everything that delight’s my interest.
  • I want to generate a rapport and engagement. I hope this platform reach as an inspiration. As I want not to impress but to inspire.

So Dearies thank you for the time and making it here on my page. I hope you allow me to remind you to find joy in everything you choose to do and always have djoyfulheart! So, enough about me how about you?