Denim Sunday

Denim Sunday

Psst.. Dearies it’s me again.. What you think of Sundays? Of course CHURCH and Family right… hmm outfits do you usually wear? Dress maybe? Maybe a casual formal for church and family dinner and a Sunday date? hmmm.. I like that! but there are Sundays that I don’t dress for church. (not saying that I’m disrespectful to  church dress code but you can be formal while wearing jeans I mean hmm it’s sorta kinda ripped or should I say tattered jeans and I’m myself! 😀

The weather is perfect and Husbee took me a quick OOTD. I am a denim type of gal and love’s to pair it with chic tops. I love to dress up but I dress up because I want to look good for myself, I love the happy feeling it brings and if others love my style then its a bonus.

The symmetry of denim and jeans are all-purpose, you can partner it with flattering tops of your choice and it never goes out of style.

Denim has this sense of versatility, you can wear them in most events except for formal dress code. Its’s complementary because whatever you pair with it, you still look presentable, even if it’s just a plain white t-shirt but don’t forget to bring your CONFIDENCE with you and bring out the tenacity paired with a smile. You sure rock!

ohhh.. I’m just dropping by the way..  Posts like this are just a sprinkle of sugar to my juice to add a little flavor. ( I want to have a break of realization and reflection posts that I usually do.)

What’s your take on denims? Tell me how and tell me now.. I’d love to go Sunday’s with your denim inspiration too. Rule is that you don’t have to dress boring, and if you do, let your personality shine.  Play with your clothes and wear comfort everywhere you go, it doesn’t have to have a brand to look classy. Life’s short to blend in, so CARE NOT and have that GUT. xoxo

OOTD Essentials:

Denim Top: Sm Surplus

BF Jeans: Chinita’s Closet (Instagram)

Bag: Tommy Hilfiger

Be you, Be-autiful you!

Danae Dacono

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