Davao Lifestyle Bloggers: Djoyfulheart meets BudgetBarbara

Davao Lifestyle Bloggers: Djoyfulheart meets BudgetBarbara

Your vibe attracts your tribe. This never resonated so true within myself until two weeks ago. I finally met the #glamomwifey behind the blog name budgetbarbara.

She’s a lifestyle/fashion/beauty and fitness Davao blogger. That’s heaps of role to fill in but this #glamomwifey got it!! Must Check and better follow her daily affairs on her instagram @budgetbarbara. 🙂

Hi Dearies, It’s been sometime.. Yes I know, and I’m sorry for being idle. No I won’t promise to write consistently but I promise to write at my convenience. So back on.. Social Media can really make or break any relationship, a like nor comment on each others’ social media posts can really strike an impression.. this happened with Farah and I and it was.. hit like? no… LOVE!

BTW, Dearies better yet check out her new post of her Vday experience at www.budgetbarbara.com

As far as I can remember, I was a reader of her blog since 2012. I admire her for being a budget wise, a fashionmonger (always dressed to the nines), a fitness junkie (look at her abs), a loving mompreneur and wife. We have crossed paths few times inside the mall and pleasingly exchanges our sweet Hi and Hello’s.

Being a blogworm that I am, who fondly reads blog of others: her blog is worth a visit! 🙂 Also got my hair Digitally-permed by her salon (wanted to try cos her blog is promising and it’s just cheap) whilst de facto we weren’t even friends yet and haven’t got to know each other personally.

Eventually our consistent likes of each other’s posts (FYI unintentionally, not expecting us to be friends or to hang out) lead us establishing a virtual connectedness: A kindred spirit of compatibility? ha ha (no were not lesbians). Not long before, Farah invited me last year to join the Davao Bloggers Assoc.

Me: That’s a pretty idea! But I went to Aussie so I wasn’t really bothered. Fast-forward, that kindred spirit never died even when I’m in straya.. haha (still clicking likes and commenting on each other’s social medias).

Not long after I went home, Farah invited me to have a coffee and I then agreed and thinking it’ll be a photoshoot. The day came and I was thinking while on the shower the possibilities of awkwardness, consciousness and uneasiness between us but in the end I didn’t enliven the idea.

So djoyfulheart meets budgetbarbara…

Yes dearies, We spend almost 3 and a half hrs just talking enthusiastically and getting so fluttered by all the coincidences we have(will tell you later). Meanwhile, we witnessed the beautiful connection that was blossoming -Genuine and Positive Friendship.

Speaking of coincidences, I think I would call it “Designed” cos we have certain connectedness not just on our attitudes but in our real life circles and interests.

  • She’s a school mate of mine, both Assumptionists.
  • I know her cousins cos one of them was a classmate of my sister.
  • We are both married and can relate to marital matters
  • Our Hubby is both licensed ECE and can you imagine they are classmates in College as well.
  • Same Standards/Qualities of a MAN. ( That’s why we married Engineers and they even are classmates lol)
  • We both love to blog, take OOTD’S, photoshoots and we love to dress up.

We automatically have that instant connection like we’ve known each other for quite awhile and definitely no dull moments and dead air.. well probably quite airless cos we kept on talking, laughing and high-five-ing! Ha ha apir besh!

What I like about Farah is that she’s humble, soft-spoken, modest yet glamorous, sexy and strong (she does crossfit baby! And gosh look at her abs!. I can see genuineness, sincerity and no attitude on her disposition. All the while, we had really so much fun talking about life, marriage, circumstances, career, photography.. etc and little secrets.. sshhhh..

In just a matter of hrs I think I enter into her beautiful world of productive life. I was also inspired how they have started and she let’s me have a glimpse of her ways, personality and beauty. At the coffee shop we took snaps of our poses (blogger pose) haha, almost forgot and it didn’t end in there. We decided to take more and we end up talking again.. This time no coffee lol Hey besh!  We have so much more to share!

So a thought came into me asking.. IS SHE A BESTFRIEND MATERIAL?

This is just a fun test I took online and it went out in the alignment of my thoughts! Definitely YES!

You can take yours at http://www.allthetests.com/quiz30/quiz/1383603384/Are-they-best-friend-material

Dearies, Do you believe that your energy introduces you before you even speak? I think our positive energies synchronizes cos Farah’s vibrational frequency turned me on even before she even said a word  and maybe so she does with me too cos we have clicked. 🙂

I think she’s one of my  Spirit squad, Not connected by blood but by rather energy. I can only count them with my fingers. They are just few people in my life and Farah is one of them.

They are those who are genuine, noncompetitive but supportive, no air of superiority, speaks the same friendship language, who shares the same code and push you to do better. No drama or mess; just higher goals and higher vibrations. No jealousy or hate. Those who are patient.. ( I am sure she is), and those who are supportive of you and your dreams. (She’s absolutely is!)

Considering we seem to mirror people around us, do yourself a favor Dearies! Surround yourself with beautiful people whose qualities you adore.

So cheers to our 1st bonding and here’s to more. Captured by @budgetbarbara

 and look for friendship like a rocket fuel, together you FLY higher.

Love from DFriendly blogger,