Best Hotel in Sydney

Best Hotel in Sydney

Coco Chanel has once said that luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury, well in my case staying at the best hotel in Sydney is more than what it seems to be comfortable and luxurious at the same time.
I didn’t wrote this to brag about me staying at a luxurious hotel in Sydney, rather than me sharing my experience as I take myself on a date. Yes I love myself that much, That’s what you call self-love at it’s best.  (haha) Hmm.. I know most of you dearies like your me time too, we all need it, don’t we? It feels great to spoil yourself even with just simple things, like spa and massage, retail therapy, food tripping, skin care but how about a hotel indulgence?

You wanna know the true story? I booked this hotel for a supposedly birthday surprise to my husbee but to my disappointment he can’t come with me in Australia even just for a week to spend an anniversary and birthday celebration because of his prior career commitments and his training’s. So I date myself and It was still worthwhile. How and Why? Shangri-La Sydney makes it all good, here are the 5 reasons.

Breathtaking view– 32nd floor and waking up to a beautiful views of iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour bridge. Shangri-La hotel has become the destination for every tourists that wants 5 star hotel facilities, amenities and services. Shangri-la never disappoints! In my stay, I was just spending so much time marvelling the amazing harbour view, Sydney Skyline, circular quay and the Opera house. It is to die for.. here’s my memorable exp. Not just one take but countable.. #nophotographerproblems

                                                       view of harbour bridge and Sydney Opera House

Room Features– I was so glad I booked the Horizon Club Opera House city room view. The room was spacious that offers a comfortable environment and exclusive horizon club privileges (Will talk about it, keep reading). This room is ideal for travellers that enjoys added personalized attention and services. They have also just refurbished some rooms, and this was one of those.

Talking about personalized services, I did call the hotel attendant for me photoshoot (lol). Lucky she’s a girl. Chinese girl, her named was Audrey and haven’t got a chance to take a selfie with her cos she has to go. I was really embarrassed to pose and told her my target shot and object. It was a bit hard trying to achieve the outcome I like but I am just all thankful for her time. We spend like 15 mins for my solo poses. It was just short but she’s Sweet. Xie Xie Audrey! 🙂 xx

Marble bathroom contains a separate bath and shower, plus shangri-la towels and bathrobes.

be delighted as you have 40 sqm/ 430 sq of luxury all by yourself.

Horizon Club Lounge– Never regret that I opted to have choose horizon club. For it has personalized service and exclusive privileges. Luxury really meant quality time spent. As a horizon Club guest I appreciate the unique sense of hospitality and the feeling of home away from home.

What I really enjoyed about this club is the convenient use of private lounge for free. These are:

Light buffet breakfast daily from 6.30am to 10.30am on weekdays or 6.30am to 11am on weekends
Coffee, tea, fruit juices and soft drinks available all day
Afternoon tea from 2pm to 5pm
Evening drinks and canapés from 6pm to 8pm
Complimentary use of the Horizon Club boardroom for one hour
Complimentary access to more than 2,000 digital newspapers and magazines
Complimentary pressing of one suit or dress during your stay
Complimentary mineral water and seasonal fruits delivered to your room
Complimentary shoe shine service
Complimentary broadband and wireless Internet access
Purser service

Got myself two champagne’s for picture purposes lol. 🙂

Haven’t tried everything because I ate big meal upon checking in so I was full and all I just had was a champagne and some sweet nibbles.

and P.S Met these awesome couple who’s also a Food Blogger in Sydney. They have been in our company’s event’s in the past as well. It was so cools and kinda funny when they asked me ARE YOU A BLOGGER? (ha ha, so I was seated next to them, trying to capture wonderfully the flatlays of food I got from the buffet) I came to them and we have chatted. It was their anniversary, and we are instagram friends too. We like each others posts. So nice to meet you guys @aroundtheclockfoodie


Dining– They served an international dining experience from the establishment’s exquisite buffet spread. I enjoyed the mesmerizing breakfast with a view. Haven’t really utilized the full free access package cos when I sit on the lounge with the overlooking view of the scenic city, who care’s for more?


Not to mention, life after dinner is so much fuller at Shangri-la. Just go to the altitude bar, and get yourself a drink with an amazing view of gleaming Sydney at night.



Massage and Pool– Although it is quite depressing that I haven’t able to avail these ones, esp the inviting pool might as well share you some photos. A co-blogger said that the massage they have experienced was the best ever. They got knocked down in just minutes. Is it that really good? Don’t ask me lol..

I was so grateful that I checked-in just do have a date with myself at the best hotel in Sydney for me. It is not bad to spend quality time on yourself and spend some for yourself, it is a way of rewarding yourself for coming so far and opening possibilities and reaching for your dreams. And because of that, I deserve a TREAT.

Throwback of my breakfast delight in Shangri-la. #Djoyfulheart

Dating yourself with luxury sometimes boost your self-confidence and taking pride on yourself. Self-love is not selfish, it is not rude or self seeking. It doesn’t brag or puff-up. It doesn’t compete or fight. Self-love starts within and flows outward. It gives in abundance with nothing to hide and nothing to prove.

So Dearies, don’t feel guilty when you spend something big on yourself, remember that self-deprivation is like taking yourself away close to the happiness you deserve to have. I know it’s an issue to many as much as pundits tell us to scrimp and save, and sacrifice for the future, when is it actually okay to spend a little on yourself and enjoy this life’s pleasure once in awhile cos for the fact that life is just short.

You might have a decent nor enough money in the bank might as well have some bank of memories right? You Dearies, How do you splurge?

Love from the memory banker,