Baby Shower: Twice the blessing, Double the Celebration

Baby Shower: Twice the blessing, Double the Celebration

It’s a boy! It’s a girl! This is typically the most distinguished streamer we see over from some of the cutest baby shower parties. We’ll this time my Gurlaloves and I planned for a not-really-surprise baby shower not just for a boy or for a girl but for BOTH! Cos IT’s a BOY and Girl baybeh!

Last Feb 18,  we threw a baby shower bash on our two beautiful gurlaloves Lovely and Angelie (the expectant moms) a celebration of their upcoming babies.  You know when you are really friends when your due date is the same. HA HA it isn’t surprising that they have the same due date? Not kidding dearies, yes they do and they’re both due on March 22nd.

We booked the bash at Cafe demitasse which is located at Torres and it was good and worth it! The room has it’s reasonable prices and the good news is they are consumable.

So we got place yet we got food! Happy tummy and happy mommy it is! ( Carbonara, Chicken, Nachos and Clubhouse not uploaded lol)

Yey! I pointed myself as the in-charge of decors, contact cupcakes and for bookings. Yes I love my friends that much lol. While Tala and Ian helped me cut the first turf to accomplished the decors and set-up. It was just a simple blue and pink themed shower with pom-poms and with the cutesty paper lanterns. Seeminly looking, that banners are just made out of my unimaginative mind and uncreative hands. Lol Not really good at letterings, but for the love sake of friendship. lol

One of the highlights from the shower table is the perfect cupcakes made by my cousin-in-law. She made a very worth it cupcakes and it is well-designed that you just want to stare it and preserve it.. It’s ironic cos it’s too good to eat and too good not to eat. With it’s worth-praising design comes with it’s inviting taste. The price too is too good not to buy/order lol.

When it comes to cupcakes and cakes you can easily contact me nor her directly on her Instagram. Here’s my shoutout to a beautiful mompreneur Kristal! Follow her baking sensations @talamacuto and you can contact her for orders. TRUST me! Her products and cupcakes are GOLD!

My gurlalove Angelie will be welcoming her 1st baby girl named Adaline. I can only imagine how beautiful, fair and adorable her baby girl is cos look at the Mom! And of course the Dad (Arpee, is artistahin din aka wendell Ramos) not to mention maybe sassy chinita too? Haha..

My gurlalove Lovely will also be welcoming her 2nd child but this time it’s a BOY. How blessed this gal is! She already has a girl and boy. I can only think how lovely, handsome and tisoy her baby boy is. I think I don’t need to say more, cos lovely exudes the obvious. Lol and of course her hubby ( Pareng BJ, has great cutie pie genes as well) that would be a perfect combo!

So because we are celebrating two blessings, definitely! It’s an automatic courtesy to bring two gifts for our baby boy and girl.

It was a fun-filled, exciting and festive day for us gurlaloves. Chikamax and tawamax filled the air. After the party we went to lovely’s mansion for a baby shower dinner prepared by her beautiful mom-in-law. How blessed this girl is! Didn’t took photos though cos we are tired from the afternoon event. We dine again and chika again. Too bad kookie didn’t come with us cos she too has a baby shower commitment after! How crazy.. Weee!  cheers to that dearies. It just shows that how exciting and life-changing babies can bring into our lives.

So what really happened to the same due date? We’ll do you want to know who got to pop first? Is it the baby boy or the baby girl? (Drum roll).. and the 1st runner up goes to Baby Adaline Roan Santos which is Gelai’s 1st baby. She gave birth  last Febuary 24, 2017 to a beautiful pouting baby girl last Febuary like herself. Congrats gurl! xx

And the 2nd runner up goes to Baby Luke Baltazar Reyes who came up just last March9, 2017 . What a handsome baby boy too!

Maybe Baby Adaline and Baby Luke will too be friends in the future or maybe closer? Weee..

Welcome to parenthood gurls! Now you guys should skill up know how to sing lullabies, burn the midnight oil, read stories to your little angel to tuck her/him on the bed and the sleepless nights of nursing the crying angel.

With this shower may your new baby feel the warm welcome that is being expressed by all those who anxiously wait his or her safe and healthy arrival. You’re excited and we’re delighted your little one is on the way.

Wishing you girls endless love and boundless patience for making a new role as supermoms!

Two not just one means double the fun, two not just one means loveliness and blessings by the ton. Two not just one a daughter and a son! x Cheers to LIFE!

Love for DjoyfulNinang,