A Suncoaster by Heart

A Suncoaster by Heart

From the moment that I hit the sun state of Australia, I already felt like a local. How? Everyone is throwing their sunny bright smiles on me, wanting me to bring on that sunshine inside and enjoy the sunny side of life.

It is everything you love in a holiday destination. Pristine beaches (found even in the downtown area), natural attractions and perfect for adventure packed holiday.

Given the idea of it being  a holiday destination, it is quite unusual for it to be quiet, laid-back and refreshing. Most of the sought-after holiday destinations in the world has that busy like mad setting but in Sunshine Coast, everyday is a HOLIDAY (no work kinda day, peaceful and relaxed)


When I came back the 2nd time around, I had a little emptiness inside of me. Being emo celebrating my birthday for the first time away from home. But these family cheered me up and made my day extra special. Thank you for bringing out the sunshine inside of me guys! What Suncoasters are for ey!

It was a series of emotional emptiness esp when the red lady visits me every month (are you with me dearies? Yes hello mood swings and pms-ing). I missed my family and loved ones. I guess the peacefulness of the place gets into me and started asking God if I am in the right place.

Lent season gone by and I fervently prayed for his strength (In my weakness, I find my strength).

2 Corinthians 12:9

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Then one sunny good morning refreshed my thoughts and my spirit. I am back in the grind. Welcomed each morning with #djoyfulheart. It takes emptiness to see the vastness of his wonder and blessings and it’s pretty obvious in this place.


Now back at my Sunshine…

The excellence of suncoast beauty lies in its quiet residential communities, brilliant shorelines and waterway banks, and the thoughtful individuals which live in them. I enjoy aussies and tourists paving their way in the pleasure of open air exercises, kite surfing, surfing, skiing, boating, fishing, sailing, quad biking, sun bathing, and etc.

The Sunshine Coast additionally brags great culinary encounters, from cosmopolitan bistros to luxurious dinners and everything in the middle. They even have their our own distillery! They served a variety of dishes, esp the seafoods! Freshly made and tastes oh delish!

I love wandering it’s long extend of coastline associated with parks, shops, eateries and attractions! It simply holding up to be explored. ( Views like from the GoldCoast)

Here’s a couple of reasons why I will always cherished this beautiful sunny town.

A good time for everybody

From clamoring esplanades to uncrowded safe houses; this cut of the Sunshine Coast has it all. In the event that you favor some crisp fish, travel to Mooloolaba Spit or bounce on one of the many angling contracts to get your own.

According to locals, from June to November, you would venture be able to out on a whale watching voyage – and even have the opportunity to swim with lofty humpback whales. ( We do have it in Oslob Cebu city, but I can’t dare to try it, need more self-confidence and prayers perhaps)

On the off chance that you lean toward a sea experience on dry land, take yourself to Sea Life Mooloolaba, where you can find a large number of marine and freshwater creatures.

Devour gourmet pleases by the walkway, taste a mixed drink in a bar, or douse up some unrecorded music along Ocean Street in Maroochydore, an energetic hive of social action.

Or, on the other hand go to Sunshine Plaza, the biggest strip mall on the Sunshine Coast, where you will discover many retail locations, eateries and silver screens.

Experience Wild Life

My Aussie adventure won’t even be complete without having a wildlife encounter.

It seems that I can’t get enough of Koala’s. My 2nd time to carry and cuddle them was the best! It was a prolong moment of bliss being able to held #koalababy. She was well-behaved and very cuddly and cute. How I really wish I could bring her home. Just so you know, just went to Wild Life HQ just to have this moment and see what the zoo has to offer.



My experience last year at Aussie Zoo was the best. The Zoo is huge, has lots of animals, very clean and you’ll get to learn the history of the Irwin’s. Enjoyed taking photos.


Coolum Beach is a family-accommodating town with a cheerful occasion environment, watched shoreline, skate stop for the children, moderate eating choices and heaps of settlement houses that offer sea sees. Walk around the raised promenade to Point Arkwright at nightfall or request some fish sticks and french fries and go to the sand for supper. From its surfing prone areas to world-class green, this lovely seaside town is in consistent perspective of Mount Coolum, a fantastic volcanic arch that manages the scene. (Sorry can’t find my images at Mt. Coolum)


Mystery spots

In case you’re searching for a serene spot to have a family excursion by the water, look at Cotton Tree. There are numerous awesome restaurants to reveal along this extend, and grill regions and a lot of shady trees to have a snooze under. The children will love paddling around in the shallows or do some outdoor activities such like open air table tennis, volleyball and just having picnic.


The Suncoasters/ People

Very grateful for my foster family in Sunny Coast. My workmates and friends I considered them FAMILY. Not a time I feel that I was an outsider. I love their support, sweetness, concern and presence. They made it sure that I have a family and a HOME away from home. Lurve ya guys!

And of course my Dog…

Oh SunCoast, you have spoilt my eyes with your simple wonders and spoilt everyone esp .the tourists for choices of fun, sightseeing, doing activities and relaxation.

Feeling the sand between your toes at the pristine beaches of Noosa, touring the markets in the hinterland is just one of the exciting to do’s in the Sunshine Coast. I am blessed to be given opportunity to explore a truly wonderful all-around travel destination that fuse together the natural beauty with heaps of great fun adventures.

When I ask God to strengthen me, he gave me endurance, thoughts of gratefulness and filled me with his presence as he let his Son-shine inside me. The emptiness is my investment and promise of fulfillment. Character is rising in me each day as I joyfully stand on his words. Endurance is doing it’s job. The Son (Sun) is coming and my confidence in him is rewarded. This place has been my home for half-a year but it taught me a lifetime of valuable lessons, strength, perseverance, gratefulness and a lot of CHARACTER.

It’s amazing when the Son-shine inside of me in the place where Sunshine is abundant and glorious. Always live in the sunshine dearies! Even Mr. Bunnings would like you to be always reminded this:


Love from Ms. Suncoaster,

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