1O Things I love about SYDNEY!

1O Things I love about SYDNEY!

Australia is the place where I taste the sense of freedom. No calls from mom of my where and whatabouts. No restrictions of time, curfews and request. (yes, on my age I still felt like a teenager being monitored by the parents). If there’s any requests I got, that is to take care of myself and requests of wellness and love and some timtams and vegemites. lol!

Septerber 15th of this year,  I got my full play and indulgence. Happy Independence day to me! lol When I give rise to my dreams, I can only imagine that life shouldn’t be lived in a box. That we are just passer’s by of time and renters of the world. So might as well, gather all the rosebuds.

For a 3 month stay, I Lived like a local, gained friends, got connected to business owners, discovered many places and got my drivers license for the 1st time. One thing that I really can’t ace is the Aussie accent. (Ser herd mayt!). When I first set foot to Sydney, the place cast it’s charm on me. It’s a busy metro, industrious and the city encompasses modernity with a timeless feel of British architecture. You might distort to think for the fact that it is a big business district, it’s all work and no play.. But you are wrong! Party and relaxation is just around it’s busy corner. It’s not that far to pause for a break, cause holiday is just minutes away.

How come? Well, here are the 10 reasons why I love Sydney and how to have an easy-peasy adventure trip in the land down undah!

1.) Life is definitely a beach– Stayed at Bondi most of the time and trust me it’s always a beach party everywhere in every season. Sea of people surfing, tanning, playing volleyball and the list goes on.. My friends and I hike from Bondi to Tamarama beach to Cogee walk and so on. It was a paradise. Haven’t gone to manly and other beaches though. Whoa, bring flats with you, nice sunblock, pair of sunglasses and a beachwear! Mind you, the water is so tempting! so be ready baby but did I mention that is freakin cold? (I’m not trying to stop you, go have a dip! lol)

2.)Easy breezy transport– Commuting is cheap when you have an opal card with you. You can purchase this on most 7-eleven, convenient stores and train stations. Also my friend app Rome2rio help me to navigate Sydney that easy. Just key in your destination and boom! You will be prompted with options for easy travel on where and what to ride (ex are if you going to take bus, take the train or call the cab), how long will your travel be and how much does it cost.

3.)Bird Haven- Australia is a bird sanctuary! Different breeds of birds everywhere the metro, may it be in an open restaurant, (cos they ask you for food tidbits), in the harbour, along the streets and even on train stations. The sound of the birds and their tourist interaction makes your stay an amazing one having you reconnected with bird life in the middle of a city.

4.)Weather is a winner– I went there on spring. It may not have the most loveliest flower spring festival but Sydney has one of the most coolest weather, it’s not the coolest though ( literally not) just fair-cool, fresh air breeze, sunny cooly breeze and a pleasant mix of fresh and warm. Ser herd to explain darling! But trust me it’s cooly cool… ha ha.

5.) Food is artistic– Creatively served food is on it’s way making an impression! Whether dining in a small and uncommon resto, judge it not cos you’ll be stunned by the way aussie’s design their food. The plating is well-displayed and the food is just great tasting as it’s presentation. Despite the big servings you can’t even noticed that your food is about to end.Yes it is that good!

6.) The people– Aussies are so accommodating, sweet, charming and very nice to mingle on. They are friendly and welcoming to the tourist. Polite and never a snob! They have the most charming accent. Don’t ask me how to say a phrase, you’ll just laugh at me. (But I can try love! hihi) I adore my bosses Tina and Steven and steven’s family. I love working with Robert, Bazza and family as well, they are very good employers that one would definitely brag about. I am blessed with these people.


7.)The Parks– They are everywhere! On the bustling city, They make it sure to have a recreational park for everyone to escape with to breathe life and do some exercise.  With it’s beautiful weather and pleasant environment, you’ll catch yourself spending a day on their parks. I miss to hangout on parks in Sydney. BTW, but how did I know it? Because, observation is knowledge darling! Be sure to have your time on parks like sydney botanical gardens, hyde parks, macquarie parks.. and etc. Never miss it like I did. lol

8.)The view– Everything is snap-worthy in Sydney. From heritage churches to parks, museums, public library to architectural buildings sydney didn’t fail to impress when it comes to random snaps even in a small resto it has a uniquely design feels that’s insta worth. Esp, Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge, Queen Victoria Building, The Darling harbour, Side wall paintings and many to mention..

9.) The railway system– It can take you to the most distinct part in NSW in just one trip. It is clean, the train seats are irreversible so you can comfortably seat in two views. It has a quiet outlet as well to passengers who wants to sleep and read. Quiet pls.. can’t understand the operator’s accent might miss my stop.. lol

10.) It’s a harbour city– Those who know me well, know that I love boats, yachts on the harbour, beaches, lakes, rivers.. Short to say, boats on the water (lol).  I love the serenity it brings to me and reminds me that life is a matter of sailing.. You can’t control the wind, same as life is fragile and shit happens but you can direct your sail, means to me that it’s how you react on it, it’s either you let it drown you or you fight and win through it. Life is successful only when you keep on adjusting your sail.

Speaking of sailing..

What I learned about sailing, isn’t it’s verbial form but it’s deeper meaning above the depth of the waters. It is when you decide being a pessimist that complains about the wind, the optimist who just expects it to change and being the realist who adjust the sail. Therefore, I am a realist, I found it to that people’s definition of the “real world” varies a lot.

Hi from my Facebook realist post. (Saying goodbye to straya for the meantime) and I am not back from reality.. Lol

As for me,  It is when I adjust my sail means packing up and when I go out of my comfort zone. Leaving the familiar and experiencing unknown things and by that I felt I truly lived my life. I was just a small girl and comes back being a strong independent woman. I cannot imagine how I managed to live on my own in the unfamiliar.

So that’s my 10 things I love about Sydney. Hope you dearies enjoyed it and get yourself to travel and search for life’s truest meaning. Traveling is being in the real world for me. How realist are you? xx


Love Realistic self,