Blissful day with my Girlaloves

Blissful day with my Girlaloves


Hey hey hooray Dearies! Roses are red and violets are blue, friends are beautiful in all different hue!

It’s empowering to know that you have empowered girlfriends that supports your code, support your dress code, soar with you and let you know how to use your wings so that you can fly together. It’s much heartening that those girlfriends becomes a family that you can count on after those trying times of highs and lows and by accepting each others strength and weakness. I am grateful that I have my “Girlaloves” who is my solid support system when everything turns black and blue, they bring back the colors and paint rainbow again to my gloomy sky. Enough sentiments cos here are our precious moments..

It was last year when we planned to have a fun shoot which is to exclusively model our stylist’s dresses. Oh by the way check her beautiful collections of clothes on Facebook “Love your Style, surely you’ll look fab! okay so back to the story, when I mentioned our plan to my husbee it turns out to be he loves the idea, and he fabricate a new concept. It was a multi-purpose shoot for us, the main goal is 1st to introduce our stylist’s collection, 2nd is for us to have a decent fun group shot, 3rd is for my husbee to enhance his photography skills and 4th is to surprise our blushing bride to be, a simple yet fun Bshower! It was a whole lot of excitement! Truly, a bliss-filled day.  So, I better stop blabbing here and share you some snippets of our shoot. (refer to our slideshow below, it takes time to load the images so it might run slow)

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Roses are red and violets are blue, Family isn’t always blood but sometimes your friends can possess the same value. Hey hey hooray Dearies! I don’t want this to be a lengthy post. Join me as I get to introduce you the beautiful flowers girls of my life, my “Girlaloves” and I’m not talking about a wedding by the way.. lol, I’d rather say Beautiful Flower Dolls click on here.. My Girlaloves.

Big Credits to our:

Amazing HMUA: Mae Agosthia Sigaya Camarillo

Creative Photographer: Michael Pete Dacono

Fab stylist: Lovely Reyes Velasco


Follow your bliss,

Danae x